Who We Are

Who Are We?
We are experienced educators, leaders, curriculum developers, actors and directors, with a strong background in organizational and professional development. Through the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Framework, theatrical improvisational, scenario planning, and stress management methods, hundreds of school leaders, teachers, and students have developed effective strategies for building vibrant and high-performing learning communities.

Gwen Lowenheim
Gwen Lowenheim has trained educators throughout the country in cutting-edge learning theories and the use of performance and improvisation for community and team building. A former junior high school teacher, she has co-written the nationally disseminated Adolescent Decision-Making curriculum. As a faculty member of the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, Gwen has spearheaded award-winning supplementary education and adolescent counseling programs.

Stuart Sears
Stuart Sears,  a trainer and coach for Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, is a member  of a select group trained by both Daniel Goleman’s Hay Group and Hunter University’s Leadership Academy to bring Emotional Intelligence training to educators. As the former director of the Dispute Resolution Program at New York City’s famed Midtown Community Court, Stuart gained recognition for pioneering programs designed to support group decision-making and problem-solving opportunities. His work as a  post-graduate brain research associate at Mt. Sinai Hospital led to his understanding of  an emerging revolution in neuroscience. It was his experience as  a NYC teacher, though, that convinced him that understanding these basics of conflict resolution, group facilitation, and neurological development  are skills integral to effective teaching in the 21st century.

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