What We Do

For StaffThe Snaps Project offers…

Workshops, Retreats, and Individualized Coaching that enhance:

  • communication skills
  • team building
  • conflict resolution
  • stress management, and
  • motivational support.
For AdministratorsThe Snaps Project offers…

Strategic Planning—helping administrators realize their vision for the school community.

Executive Coaching—aimed at fine-tuning leadership and management skills for leaders working with diverse staffs.

Focus Groups—to determine professional development needs of staff.

For Students
The Snaps Project encourages students to take greater responsibility for their learning environment using: in-class team building and leadership training,  TeamPlay for Less Stress , and growth through social and emotional learning.

We developed the Popcorn Game to help teachers make use of all student ideas during classroom discussions.  Teachers can often be overwhelmed by the waving hands and the  “ooh ooh call on me’s.”  With the Popcorn Game teachers can direct students’ enthusiasm in support of  academically rigorous and playful conversations which encourage listening and opportunities for new kinds of learning.

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