The Snaps Project
custom designs all of their programs with school administrators, staff, and students to build vibrant teams where students, teachers, and administrators encourage each other to learn and grow…and have fun doing it!

What clients have said about the snaps project:

It has been a pleasure working with Gwen and Stuart over the last few years. Gwen and Stuart are a top-notch trouble-shooting and problem-solving team that can work at all levels of the school system: from helping struggling teachers in the classroom to bringing leadership support to new principals and district administrators. Their community development work around conflicts involving veteran and newer staff members has been consistently excellent and inspiring. They are a savvy, smart consulting team, and I’m grateful for our collaboration.

New York State District Superintendent
With the facilitation of Gwen and Stuart, our school has grown into a TEAM whose members now actively collaborate with one another with enthusiasm and without any hesitation. The staff has also brought the techniques and strategies given to them by Gwen, Stuart and their associates into their classrooms affording them the tools to develop TEAMS with their students.

New York City P.S./I.S. Principal
The work with The Snaps Project forces me to self-reflect to ask more questions, rather than come to quick solutions. It has helped us, as a team, generate more ideas. Teachers are better able to speak about how they feel, then let go of it and say, “I’m going to try that new idea.”

NYC Elementary School Coach

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