Improvised Partnerships: Creating Meaningful Conversations with Young People

by Gwen on June 16, 2010

 Finding more meaningful ways to communicate with, provide guidance to, and support young people is an age-old challenge for adults.  A challenge made more daunting by the unprecedented social and economic uncertainty we are all living with today. How can educators be there for young people when we ourselves are often unsure of what to say or do?  We have found that, far from being a problem, uncertainty can be used in the creation of vibrant partnerships between young people and adults.  How have we done this?

Play! Using theatrical improvisation, a methodology based on careful listening, attentiveness to others and not knowing, we have developed partnerships with young people that are supportive of co-creating learning environments and strong parent/child relationships.  This work has been done in K – 8 school-based programs in which students, parents and teachers were taught the skills of theatrical improvisation and have been empowered to respond inventively to each other and forge collaborative relationships.

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